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 Safety Services from SpeedyFit Lancaster Road Enfield


Safe Motoring from SpeedyFit


Call in and let us give you a professional impartial check of your vehicles safety .



FREE Tyre safety Check. Be tyre wise.
Driven over a pot hole, drain cover, debris in the road or indeed the curb to park? 

The same tyres that were on the car last year and the year before and before that….

Checked the pressure? Checked the tread depth? Checked for damage?

To ensure your safety it’s advised to check your tyre’s tread depth the legal requirement is 1.6mm however motoring organisations recommend that if the tread depth is below 3mm the chance of losing grip is a major possibility.


approved by the government
Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA)

Same day MOT test and intrim / short service. You can choose to have a Short service to coincide with your MOT Test, many of the items covered on the MOT test are also duplicated on manufacturers service schedules so we are able to reduce the price of the service giving you a substantial saving with checks and adjustments including changing the engine oil and oil filter also checking the gearbox, brake, powered steering systems, water levels including anti-freeze and general grease points. We only use high quality parts and lubricants to ensure your peace of mind.




We can change the engine oil and oil filter and checking the gearbox, brake, powered steering systems and general grease points.

The windscreen wiper blades should be cleaned and replaced if the rubber is perished.

Checking that All exterior lights are working including the number plate light as its an offence if your number plate is not visable.


 Battery Check



Flat batteries are one of the most common reasons for motorists requiring breakdown assistance.

Car battery’s usually last no longer than five years, so if your battery is coming to the end of its life as winter approaches it might be worthwhile changing it in order to avoid the inconvenience of a no start day.

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