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Winter Services from SpeedyFit Tyres Lancaster Road Enfield 


Be Winter Wise  Be Winter Safe


Call in and let us give you a professional impartial check of your vehicles safety for winter.

Tyre tread

Your tyres are the only part of the car which are in contact with the road. The quality of tyres therefore has a big impact on the drivability of vehicles; something which becomes increasingly important as the condition of roads deteriorates.

Although the minimum tread depth on tyres required by law is 1.6mm, the AA recommends that motorists have no less than 2mm and preferably 3mm for winter driving. The tread is what disperses lose water and snow from the roads so that you do not aquaplane. A deep tread of 3mm will therefore disperse much more water than one of 1.6mm and make it less likely that you will lose control of your vehicle. 

Tyre pressures

Tyre pressures are also important. It is recommended that you check these at least once a week during the winter; ensuring that they reach the manufacturers recommended levels.


Lights, heaters and wipers put high demands on the car battery. If your driving is mainly dark rush-hour trips, the battery will give out eventually.

Batteries rarely last longer than five years.  Replacing one near the end of its life can save a lot of time and inconvenience at the side of the road.


Anti-freeze is the coloured fluid which is found in radiators. It is used to prevent your engine and radiators from freezing in the winter.

You should regularly make sure that your vehicles anti-freeze levels are between the maximum and minimum. This will help avoid potential damage to the engine or radiators which will be much more expensive to fix than the couple of pounds it would cost to buy anti-freeze.

However, bear in mind that most car manufacturers fill modern vehicles with longer lasting anti-freeze which should not be mixed with traditional solutions. If you are unsure about what fluid to put into your vehicle, it is recommended that you consult your local dealership or a qualified mechanic. 

Oil levels

Oil levels are another thing which you should keep an eye on with weekly checks. Low oil levels can cause significant damage to your engine as oil is basically the blood flow which passes through your cars system.

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